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Machining MTech precision - FRANCAIS
Machining MTech precision -

Usinage et conception de haute précision à Saint-Eustache!

Usinage de haute précision MTech! -

320 Boul Industriel #3
Saint-Eustache, J7R 5V3
Président: Markus Hächler

Notre spécialité: L'automobile!



Since 1995, M-Tech Precision specializes in high precision machining and design. We have state-of-the-art machinery and expertise for your simple or complex jobs. M-Tech Precision stands out as a leader in its field in sectors as specialized and varied as the development in aeronautics, aerospace, defense, electronics, printing, automotive, construction and the hospital sector.

Family business, father and son ensure steady progress and continuous improvement from the ideology of industrial engineering. Markus Hachler is the mainstay of the company and having gained a lot of experience over the years, capable of solving a wide range of problems. Yves Hachler, graduating in Mechanical Engineering, wanted a touch of modernity having used several engineering tools currently used in the manufacturing market.

The importance of improving every day and wanting to do more than require is a doctrine well established in the company. Whether to support you in your future projects or improve existing ones, M-Tech Precision will support you throughout your work. We offer our expertise and we guarantee to meet your request with a product that meets your requirements.

Machining MTech precision -


Service and equipment

M-Tech Precision has fully computerized, state-of-the-art equipment whose precision provides maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The cumulative production capacity at their competitive prices makes M-Tech Precision an important player in the field of precision machining in Quebec. It would be a pleasure to work for you.

Engineering Design and Manufacturing :

  • CAD Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
  • Machining of spare parts
  • Machining of special pieces made on specific dimension
  • Machining of parts for prototypes
  • Machining of manufacturing and assembly jigs
  • Machining of parts for pneumatic systems
  • Machining of parts for water purification
  • Machining of parts for automation
  • Machining of parts for the medical and food field
Machining MTech precision -

Try us!

Our recent achievements

Our exceptional know-how and our machining equipment allow you to have your precision parts manufactured in a wide variety of materials. Whether to implement your projects or to make corrections, we deploy our know-how and make every effort to offer you a product that meets the highest standards and your requirements. Concerned about the importance of your investment, we have developed alternatives that regularize and optimize your product by allowing you significant savings. See for yourself some of our achievements.

Quality control

All parts produced at our workshops must meet stringent quality standards that meet or exceed established industry standards.


Fabricate and machine components that meet customers' expectations while providing complete satisfaction with outstanding service and expertise. M-Tech Precision meets the standards of the industry and a guarantee of excellence that has made its reputation among an international clientele.

Serving a clientele of international renown, such as :

  • ABB (Zurich, Suisse)
  • Schindler lifts, Cape Town (Afrique du Sud)
  • OERLIKON BUHRLE (Zurich, Suisse)
  • OERLIKON AEROSPACE (Québec, Canada)
  • FINECAST (Quebec, Canada)

Contact us

President: Markus Hächler
MTech precision
320 Boul Industriel #3
Saint-Eustache, Qc, J7R 5V3
T. 450-472-8492
Est. 1995

Machining MTech precision -
Machining MTech precision -